It’s not too late

I guess it’s still not to late to say Happy New Year. I love the feeling when we’re about to enter particularly on new ‘big’ day such as New Year, celebrating Hari Raya or waiting the the month of Ramadan. It’s because we tend to have our own resolutions and new hopes. It’s such a nice feeling to hope for something good to happen and be a better version of ourselves. We are working on it kan? 🙂

I’m gonna leaving study life for good in a few days. Ya Allah, sekejap je rasa. I still remember doing the assignment till the dawn. Complaining how hard the study life was. Well, you have to manage your expenses and time wisely throughout your study year. I feel grateful to be surrounded with good people, the one who asks whether I’m okay, did I eat already or not and not to forget doing the quizzes together. I won’t forget. Please Allah don’t diminish the beautiful and thoughtful life lessons memories.

And a little notes to my little brother, you’ll be fine sayang. I hope you’ll learn new things, get mingle with people easily and be a good boy. I know it’s quite difficult to survive in your generation where you have to cope with the competition around you. I love you & the memories of you when you were being my ‘manja lil brother’ will stay remain in my mind. Take care of yourself. I’m gonna miss you lil bro.

See you in the next post 🙂

A little bit of happiness

I can’t find a proper title for this post. Sorry, huhu

Reminiscing on the past is quite painful. There is no any memory that I wish to keep except the good one. I’m quite grateful I’m still alive today and manage to survive on those bad days. Let the memories stay there. Diminish slowly for good.

Let’s talk about things/someone that can make you smile or grinning like a Cheschire cat. It can be your friends, books, sunset, someone’s laughter or sleep? My favourite book would be “Come back to me” written by Mila Gray. It quite cheesy but I love it. Keep in mind that our love is not solely comes from one person, your family also matters a lot.

I’m thinking to do some self-reflection post, may be just a share from my reading on the blog or book. I really wanted to do that so bad. Walaupun bahasa tunggang-langgang and no one knows I’m exists here. It’s okay my lil blog.

Don’t let what’s happening around you, weigh you down

Another rant

Good evening. I’m currently at semester 7 which means that I have to undergo internship training for the next year. Rasa kejap je. Spending my little time with blogging can meditate me for a while. I do love reading others’ blog too. From there we will know that we live differently in this world and there are too many unspeakable thoughts linger in our minds.

Too many things have happened in my degree year. I know every single things that happened will benefit me in the future. May be it would prepare me when I enter into the workplace. I won’t forget the warmest of friendship throughout this degree life :). Sigh. I feel old when writing this post. 22 years old. I still remember vividly the memories when I was in high school. Those were carefree days where we less pay attention how to spend your money & did not even care about what people talk behind us.

I miss those carefree days. One of my favourite bloggers said carefree days are replaced slowly by “care-more days”. This is happen when you have to care for your income, care for your family – so on & forth. Appreciate your “carefree days”  before you entering “care-more days”.

May God guide us in every step we take. Truly, we are learning (what improves us) & unlearning (what degrades us) as long as we are willing to.